An opportunity to compete in the European finals for our country‘s drivers

This year for the first time international circuit races class TCR Championship is going to be organized, named “TCR Baltic“ .

The organizers of “TCR International“ announced that on October 29, Italian Adria Raceway will host the finals of the national championships,” TCR European Trophy“. The TCR Baltic racers will be able to compete in it as well.

This will be a one-off race weekend, in which the racers will arrive from all over Europe. This year twelve different national and regional TCR-class championships are organized, so a very tough fight is expected.

“Such the final is being organized for the first time and it is very tempting to see our country’s representatives,” – says the TCR Baltic organizer Darius Jonušis.

According to Darius, this year 4-5 cars of this class should start competing in the Baltic countries. It seems few, but this is the first season in a completely new class, so naturally in a few years time much more racers will gather.